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The Roomba 675 is Robot’s least expensive robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you app control, scheduling, and voice support in addition to excellent cleaning capabilities.

iRobot Roomba 675 Review
iRobot Roomba 675 Review


iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum offers wifi connectivity but remains an inexpensive model for those looking to get their feet wet in the smart vacuum cleaner market. You won’t get any fancy features or bells and whistles with the Roomba 675. However, with the ability to connect to wifi, you’ll get a few more options from your robot vacuum.

If you like the idea of having a robot vacuum with wifi capabilities, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, you might find that the Roomba 675 is the right choice for you.

Design and Setup

The Roomba 675 measures 13 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches high. It’s one of the taller robot vacuums we’ve tested, but it can still easily pass under most furniture. If you’re looking for a super-low-profile model, check out the 2.8-inch Eufy RoboVac 11s or the 2.9-inch Eufy RoboVac 15C.

On the bottom, it has two multi-surface brushes, the first of which loosens and lifts dirt and other debris, and a second that pulls it into the suction channel. It also features one edge-sweeping side brush for corners. Several cliff sensors on the bottom prevent it from falling down stairs or other edges.

Setting up the Roomba 675 is simple. You just need to plug the home base into the wall, remove the battery pull tab, and place it on the charger. iRobot recommends placing the base at least 1.5 feet away from objects on either side and 4 feet across from anything.

The robot comes partially charged, but iRobot recommends waiting three hours for it to top off. To check the status of the battery, just press the Clean button on the top and the battery indicator will illuminate. Amber means it’s still charging, and solid green means it’s fully charged.


While you’re waiting, you can download the iRobot Home app (available for Android and iOS) and create an account or sign in if you already have one. Once you do that, the app will populate a list of robots you can add; just select the Roomba 675, and follow the instructions to get it connected to your Wi-Fi network.

The vacuum doesn’t come with a remote, but you can control it using the app or with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. To do the latter, select Smart Home in the iRobot app, choose Alexa or Google Assistant, and follow the instructions to link your accounts. After getting them connected, you can start and stop cleaning jobs with your voice.

Mobile Application

To connect your 675 with your wi-fi network, you’ll have to install the iRobot mobile application. It’s available for download on both the iOS and Android marketplaces. Once you have it installed, just follow the onscreen guide to get your device connected. The whole process will take between five and ten minutes depending on your familiarity with technology.


Through the mobile application, you can control your robot vacuum with your smartphone or tablet. You can start a cleaning cycle, stop the device, see its cleaning history, or schedule cleanings with the mobile application. Additionally, you can choose to receive push notifications, so you can always be aware of the status of your robot vacuum.

You can also schedule cleanings with the app. You can either schedule a one-time cleaning that you set up so you don’t forget, or you can create a daily or weekly schedule that occurs automatically so you can just set it and forget about whether or not the vacuuming is getting done. For an entry-level robot vacuum such as the Roomba 675, having wifi connectivity is definitely a significant bonus.

Alexa Support & Google Assistant

One of the alternative control methods mentioned above is the use of voice controls. Using a connected Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, you can use your voice to control the robot.

There are a growing number of commands available to use. While more of the most recent ones are designed for the i and s-series robots. You can still use your voice to start and stop a cleaning cycle, get updates, and find the robot.

Pet Hair Vacuum

The Roomba 675 was one of the first Roomba’s qualified for pet hair. The dual rotating brush rollers are used to pick up all hair, separate the strands to prevent clogs and suction them into the dust bin.

Improvements have been made to the extractor rollers since the 675 was released. But the technology for pet hair collection started in the 600 series robots.

Area Size

Since the 675 can’t map your home, it will not be able to resume cleaning after a battery charge. You will need to manually restart the cleaning session if you want more floor space covered. However, for a single run, the robot will go for up to 90 minutes and can cover up to 1100 square feet on a single charge.

The lack of mapping prevents an ideal cleaning run, and the cleaning pattern isn’t very efficient. You will find that some areas of your floor are missed on some runs. However, if you run the Roomba 675 daily, all areas of your floor will be covered in time.

Maintenance and Battery

Like some of the other entry-level robot vacuums that Roomba offers, the 675 does not offer advanced camera navigation. That doesn’t mean the device is of poor quality. The features you do get are just as good, if not better than the ones you might expect from other Roomba robots.

To ensure that your 675 is running at optimal performance, Roomba suggests that you regularly check the filter and make sure the dust bin is cleaned after every cycle. Performing regular maintenance on your robot vacuum helps keep your unit running at its best.

In addition to maintenance, your 675 won’t run at peak performance if your battery is not high-quality. Fortunately, Roomba has included a solid battery on this unit. Which means you can expect to get an hour and a half of runtime out of each cleaning cycle. The 1,800 mAh battery takes roughly two or three hours to charge up. But once it does your robot will last plenty long enough to thoroughly vacuum your home.

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iRobot Roomba 675 Review
The Roomba 675 is Robot's least expensive robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity, giving you app control, scheduling, and voice support in addition to excellent cleaning capabilities.
  • Rarely gets stuck
  • Supports app and voice control
  • Allows for scheduled cleanings
  • Automatically adjusts to different floor surfaces
  • Detects and focuses on heavily-soiled areas
  • Loud
  • Doesn’t always automatically return to its base station when finished
  • Missed some debris on carpeting in testing

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Specification: iRobot Roomba 675 Review

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